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Clinical Innovations Gives Back

For the past three years Clinical Innovations has partnered with Kids Feeding Kids and Feed My Starving children to help raise awareness and funds to support the Kids Feeding Kids Mobile Pack event in Utah.

This year, Kids Feeding Kids committed to raise $33,000, enough to pack 150,000 meals. Due to the generosity of those involved, including CI, they were able to raise over $50,000 and packed 171,072 meals. Clinical Innovations associates and friends raised $5,596 last year and the company matched $5,000 for over $10,500 in funds… enough to pack 48,163 meals for starving kids.  

2017 was a huge success again, as we packed 171,072 meals – 22 pallets of food! That is enough to feed 468 children for an entire year. CI had close to 75 volunteers and packed over 33,000 meals. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

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Dollars Donated
Meals for Starving Kids
Volunteers Packing Meals