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Project Description

Designed by neonatal nurses for neonatal nurses!
babyLance™ safety heelsticks have earned worldwide popularity for their smooth and accurate incisions,ease of use, and safety.

Ease of Use

Featuring the industry’s most effortless activation trigger, babyLance’s unique housing provides visual guides for accuracy and dimples for a secure grip.

“They are gentle on the babies feet, and provide excellent specimens. I love that once you stick the babies foot there is no loud click which in old products always startled the babies and made them jump and cry harder. These lancets make no sound and after the baby is stuck they act like there is minimal discomfort. They are easy to use and the price is half the cost of previous products we have used for the last 16 years.

Very pleased, this a great product that meets all of our standards.”

Leasha Christian, Mountain View Pediatrics

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Ultra-Smooth Incisions Minimize Trauma

babyLance’s proprietary internal spring activates its blade’s swift pendulum action—delivering an ultra smooth incision that complies with CLSI LA4-A5 guidelines to reduce trauma to an infant’s delicate subcutaneous tissues.

The gently arcing incision (white dotted line) is measured by the length (green horizontal line) and the maximum depth (blue vertical line).


Single-use and auto-retraction design practically eliminates cross-contamination and accidental needle stick injuries—before or after use.

Infant Heelstick Incision Profile Comparison Guide

babyLance Safety Heelstick

The babyLance cut profile illustrates a gently arcing incision that lacks a blunt puncture mark or inconsistent, jagged cut.

BD Quikheel1

The BD Quikheel cut profile illustrates an incision with an initial blunt puncture followed by a slicing action.

Cardinal Health gentleheel2

The Cardinal Health gentleheel profile illustrates an incision with an angular initial puncture, followed by an increasingly deep arc.

ITC Tenderfoot®3

The ITC Tenderfoot cut profile illustrates an incision with a plunging, multi-angled puncture and a jagged, lopsided “W” pattern.

1 Trademark of International Technidyne Company 2 Trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company 3 Trademark of Cardinal Health, Inc.

babyLance™ Safety Heelstick Instructions for Use

Step 1

Clean test site with isopropyl alcohol and air dry. Remove device from protective package.

Step 2

Remove the Trigger Lock, but do not pull back the Trigger until ready for use.

Step 3

Align the Blade Slot’s visual marking with the incision site and pull the Trigger back with your index finger. Discard.

Step 4

Gently wipe away the first droplet of blood, then collect the desired quantity. That’s it!

babyLance IFU Video

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babyLance™ Colors Product Code Incision Depth Suggested Indications
BABYLANCE-BLM-Rev.0-500px-72dpi-RGB Micropreemie Yellow/Green BLM 0.60 mm Less than 1000 grams
BABYLANCE-BLP-Rev.1-500px-72dpi-RGB Preemie Pink/White BLP 0.85 mm

1000–2500 grams

Low birth weight

BABYLANCE-BLN-Rev.1-500px-72dpi-RGB Newborn Blue/Green BLN 1.00 mm

2500 grams–9 kilograms

Birth–six months

† These are suggested indications; the medical staff’s clinical judgement should determine which babyLance™ model to use. 

Remove the Trigger Lock, but do not pull back the Trigger until ready for use.