babyLance™ safety heelsticks


Designed by neonatal nurses for neonatal nurses! babyLance™ safety heelsticks have earned worldwide popularity for their smooth and accurate incisions, ease of use, and safety. Ease of Use Featuring the industry’s most effortless activation trigger, babyLance’s unique housing provides visual guides for accuracy and dimples for a secure [...]

ROM Plus Rupture of Membranes Test


Best in class sensitivity delivered conveniently and cost effectively. ROM Plus® is unique in that it detects both Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 (IGFBP-1) using a monoclonal/polyclonal antibody approach--improving its sensitivity. Timely and accurate diagnosis of PROM allows for gestational age-specific interventions designed to minimize the potential risk of complications to both mother [...]

traxi Panniculus Retractor


Don't let folds interfere with your surgical site traxi® Panniculus Retractor is a retraction device used for predictable, reliable retraction of the panniculus during surgical procedures. traxi retracts and holds the panniculus for the duration of the operation, freeing the surgeon's hands and those of the staff to better care for the [...]

ClearView Uterine Manipulator


MAXIMUM MANIPULATION, COMPLETE CONTROL ClearView is an innovative, completely disposable, uterine manipulator providing surgeons with optimal visibility and complete uterine control during laparoscopic procedures. Designed to Get Results ClearView provides 120° anteversion and 90° retroversion as well as lateral movement; for the greatest motion range of [...]