Commercial Payers

We have received word that some commercial payers may be reimbursing for 84112. [...]

Commercial Payers2019-01-08T21:46:14-07:00

traxi Sales Portal

Welcome to the traxi Sales Portal, your source for all things traxi. On [...]

traxi Sales Portal2019-01-08T21:46:15-07:00

babyLance Key Takeaways

babyLance is continuing to grow and there are a number of babyLance trials taking place; [...]

babyLance Key Takeaways2017-02-10T17:02:36-07:00

ROM Plus IFU Update

Communication to Current Customers The purpose of this communication is to provide [...]

ROM Plus IFU Update2019-01-08T21:46:15-07:00