In Memory of Dr. Aldo Vacca

On behalf of Clinical Innovations, we are deeply saddened to share the Dr. Aldo Vacca passed away on March 16, 2014. He was a beloved friend of ours and we benefited as a company from his remarkable energy, humor and wisdom. We have lost a great friend, and clearly obstetrics has lost a great teacher, leader and advocate.
Below is part of a tribute our own Dr. W. Dean Wallace, a very close friend of Aldo’s, wrote:

“Aldo has left a great legacy to the world of safer delivery for moms and babies. As you know his lifelong work has been dedicated to the welfare of mothers and babies of which he has made an extensive and long-lasting contribution. His Handbook of Vacuum Extraction in Obstetric Practice, and his everyday hands on techniques for VE delivery are without question the world standard for proper vacuum delivery. His colleagues, peers, students and friends throughout the world attest to this fact. I feel that as his colleagues, friends, students and associates we all have a responsibility to continue his work in educating obstetricians and clinicians to these valued techniques that he has provided. Aldo’s work and your support of this work have and will continue to make a significant difference in better practical operative obstetrics. As a memorial to him, I feel that we have the responsibility to carry forward his work and teachings.”

CEO Shacey Petrovic said, “He (Dean), captures our profound gratitude for Aldo’s contribution and the legacy he has left behind that we hope to carry on.”

Below are a few of the many messages of gratitude left on social media, from some of the, thousands whose lives have been influenced by Dr. Vacca’s great work.

We are forever in his debt. Our condolences to his wife, Jan; son, Michael; and daughters; Belinda and Sophie. Aldo will be missed by so many, but together we can ensure his legacy lives on.