Our Disposable Sound-Dilator (DSD) is a strong, yet flexible, molded plastic dilator designed for single-use,


  • Contoured to natural anatomy

  • Clear depth markings

  • Disposable single-use

  • Strong, yet flexible plastic

  • Great for IUD placement

  • 27.5 cm Long

  • Max diameter of 5.5 mm

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Facilitate Dilation

Smooth, Round Tips

The smooth, rounded ends of the disposable dilator were specifically designed to allow for gradual dilation, while potentially reducing the risk of uterine perforation.

27.5cm Long

5.5mm Max Diameter

Optimally Designed

Our double-ended sound dilator is optimally designed for gentle dilation of the cervix and to assess the depth of the uterus.

Clear Depth Markings

The disposable dilator features depth markings every 1cm from 4-10cm, on both sides. They are laser printed on the dilator, potentially reducing the likelihood they will smear or wear off during use. They are printed in easy to see dark ink, so you can quickly and easily identify uterine depth.