Please always refer to your professional training when undertaking procedures involving our products. Our training materials should only be used to support your clinical education and develop your product knowledge.

We aim to support our customers and clinicians through an extensive range of training materials, which can be accessed any time, any place.

*Clinical Innovations will be transitioning to LABORIE’s Learning management system (Litmos). Please click the button above to submit a request if you wish to regain access.*

Litmos is a learning management system we use to store more in-depth training modules. Your request will be processed swiftly by a member of our team and you will receive an email to allow you to log into the system. Once you have gained access you will be able to carry out additional online training and can be awarded a certificate upon completion.

*For Customers Only*

Need help accessing advanced training? Read our quick guide here: How to access advanced training materials (Litmos)