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Heroes of 2020 - Day 12 - Dr. Michael Awad

Dr. Michael Awad |  OB/GYN | private practice in Chicago, IL, USA

Meet Dr. Michael Awad, a second-generation OB/GYN in private practice in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Awad got inspired by his father, an immigrant from Egypt who moved to the US in the mid 70’s and has treated thousands of patients.

Dr. Awad describes his relationship with his father and his profession as follows:

“As a young boy, I thought of him as a superhero who would have to drop everything to run into the hospital to ‘save the day’. That was the genesis of my fascination with OB/GYN as a career choice. No other field offered the opportunity to care for patients in such a dynamic, comprehensive, and intimate manner.

I am now in practice alongside my father. I have the opportunity to care for the second generation patients, many of whom he delivered.

As a “next generation” OB/GYN, I see the continued progress and innovation in the field. I enjoy using many of the products Clinical Innovations has brought to the market. ROM Plus, Kiwi vacuum, and traxi are some of my most useful tools I use regularly. These products have significantly improved the safety of the care we provide our patients.”

We would like to thank Dr. Awad for his support and trust in our products and wish him all the best for 2021.