ROM Plus Customer Service Program

Rep 1 week

Product specialist goes back into the account or calls the hospital contact in 1 week from the go-live date. Checks on and addresses any questions or issues.

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Email #1 – 2 week

Email goes to SF main contact 2 weeks after go-live.

Subject: Welcome to ROM Plus!

Thank you for purchasing ROM Plus rupture of membranes test. We are dedicated to supporting you during this transition and well into the future. After a new customer begins using ROM Plus we are usually asked for some additional information which I have attached to this email.

I have attached the safety data sheet for your records as well as a letter that describes the lot numbers associated with ROM Plus. This lot number letter explains why you will see different lot numbers on the test components and the outside of the box.

Each component has its own internal lot number and expiration date for tracking purposes. The Lot number that is important to the customer is the lot number listed on the outside of the ROM Plus test box received.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Attachments: MSDS Letter, Lot Numbers