For Nurses and Newborns

Regardless of which size of the device you use, you can count on the same great benefits and performance.

Ease of Use

An effortless activation trigger, visual guides for accuracy and dimples for a secure grip.


Gentle arching incision provides adequate blood without multiple sticks.


The auto-retraction design practically eliminates accidental needle stick injuries—before or after use.

Reduced Trauma

babyLance follows CLSI-LA4-A5 guidelines; providing a smooth arching incision to reduce excessive trauma to the baby.

Different Incisions

The different devices produce different incision lengths and depths, providing the optimal blood sample.

*Recommendation only, use clinical judgement.


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Unmatched Training and Support

babyLance is accompanied by extensive training and product support. Including the customer favorite foam practice foot. Our team will work with your hospital to ensure the staff is trained and comfortable using the device.

15+ Patents in One Little Device. Say hello to babyLance.

babyLance is one of the most innovative lancets devices on the market with features designed to benefit both the newborn and the operator.

Amazingly Simple

babyLance is simple to operate, following 4 steps.