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This product is only available in the U.S and Australia

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Your patient, our priority. Cost effective oral and nasal aspirators.

The BoogieBaby range of nasal and oral aspirators are cost effective, designed in collaboration with clinicians and use smooth materials that are gentle on neonates and infants

Variety of tips to suit your patient

The variety of tips make BoogieBaby ideal for use throughout your hospital – NICU, PICU, delivery room, emergency room – wherever suctioning is needed.

The popular Olive style tip is available in 3.25” and 4.5” lengths depending on your preference. Both the Olive tip and Flair tip are designed to minimize the risk of trauma and create a seal at the nares.

Single patient use for up to 24 hours

BoogieBaby is available with or without a cover to allow for intermittent suctioning throughout the day. The unique removable hook enables BoogieBaby to be hung beside the patient for convenience.

Controlled suctioning

BoogieBaby is ergonomically designed to facilitate single handed operation and easy access to the thumb port for controlled suctioning.

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BoogieBaby Range

BoogieBaby Preemie Tip

BoogieBaby Preemie Tip

BoogieBaby Standard Tip

BoogieBabyStandard Tip

BoogieBaby Olive Tip

BoogieBabyOlive Tip

BoogieBaby Flair Tip

BoogieBabyFlair Tip

Product Literature

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description Units/Box
BB15011100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – preemie tip  100
BB15012100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – preemie tip with cover  100
BB15013100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – standard tip  100
BB15014100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – standard tip with cover  100
BB15015100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – flair tip  100
BB15016100  BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – flair tip with cover  100
BB150112100 BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – olive tip 4.5 inch long  100
BB150113100 BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – olive tip 3.25 inch long  100
BB150114100 BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – olive tip 4.5 inch with cover  100
BB150115100 BoogieBaby nasal aspirator – olive tip 3.25 inch with cover  100

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