Accurate diagnosis of PROM is critical

Timely and accurate diagnosis of PROM allows gestational age-specific interventions that minimize potential risk of complications to mother and baby.

Best in class sensitivity delivered conveniently and cost effectively.

ROM Plus® is unique in that it detects both Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and IGFBP-1 (PP12) using a monoclonal/polyclonal antibody approach– improving its sensitivity.

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Dual Protein Markers: Placental
Protein-12 & Alpha-fetoprotein

• PP12 is detected early in first trimester and “plateaus” throughout the duration of the pregnancy

• AFP is detected at the end of the 2nd trimester/beginning of the 3rd trimester (< 37 weeks) where full confidence is required in the accurate diagnosis

• AmniSure and Actim PROM tests only employ one protein marker


Polyclonal Antibody - ROM Plus

Monoclonal Antibodies

Recognizes only one epitope on an antigen
Polyclonal Antibody-01

Polyclonal Antibodies

Recognizes multiple epitopes on any one antigen

Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibody Approach:

  • Reduces the chance of false negatives
  • Provides a better “screening” method to detect the presence protein markers
  • Improves the opportunity for denatured protein detection
  • AmniSure and Actim PROM tests only employ a monoclonal antibody approach

The collection process is easier on the patient

“I like the ROM Plus test kits because they have separate packaging for the collection vs the testing so there is no extra packaging that we  have to deal with. The collection process is easier on the patient and the stability of the specimen is great so we do not have to be in a rush to get the result out. The ease of testing is great for the techs. So far we have enjoyed performing the ROM Plus test.”

– Nicole Fisher MT(ASCP), MHA
Lab Clinical Facilitator

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